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Products for a Healthier Life

Real Purity Make-up finally cosmetics without toxic chemicals and additives. Real, natural, petro-free, pure ingredients in a high quality product.

Bioshield Paint Company Want a truly healthy paint for your baby's nursery or a non toxic finish for your floor or deck? Don't stop with a "low VOC" paint product that is still full of unhealthy chemicals (did you know that most of these paints actually use a chemical to cover up the "chemical odor" of their product?). Get a truly healthy paint! Bioshield's products are made of non-toxic mineral and plant based products (no petro ingredients here) that are safe for even the most sensitive individuals!

Janices concerned about the high level of toxins in your baby's mattress or bedding? Janices provides high quality organic cotton mattresses and household products without toxic ingridients! 

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