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Pregnancy and birth are amongst the most sacred, joyous & intimate events in a woman's life. We recognize that each & every birth is a miraculous event and that every mother carries within her the innate knowledge needed to birth her baby safely and naturally. Expectant mothers and their preborn / newborn babies deserve to be nurtured, protected and honored throughout this sacred journey. Let us show you how. Call to schedule a free consult.  

~My Hypnobirthing Story~

 Long before my own Hypnobirth, I attended the birth of a Hypnobirth mom as a Doula. It was her gentle, painless birth (her obstetrician and nurse didn't believe she was in labor until they realized that the baby was crowning!) that inspired me to have my own Hypnobirth. I remember saying to her after her birth " I don't know how you did it, but my next birth is going to be like that!!!".... and it was.

  Determined to find a better way to birth, I took Hypnobirth practitioner training when I was 27 weeks pregnant with my fourth child. I believed in birth.... I just didn't believe in myself and neither did my husband! After all, he said, he'd "seen me in action" and he simply didn't believe anything could prevent the hours of panic & screaming he'd witnessed in my three previous births. He was supportive in me trying it... but he refused to have any part in it. After the training seminar, I found renewed faith in my body. I knew I could give birth naturally, that I'd done, but I had a loftier goal.... I wanted a fast, pain free birth and (after three extremely long pregnancies... two 43 week ones & one a 44 week pregnancy!) I wanted to give birth on or before my edd!

Every night, I listened to my Rainbow Relaxation CD ( I usually fell asleep 1/2 way through just to wake up when it ended :) ... I listened to the affirmations daily too and added in a few of my own for a quick ( I was hoping for 20 minutes or less LOL) and painless birth as well as affirmations that my body could open on its own without going severely overdue.

Three weeks before my EDD, I started having "pre-labor warm ups" (practice labor ;). The surges (contractions) would be five minutes apart and last for several hours before stopping.... and they were painful! How on earth, I wondered, would I survive actual labor if the warm-ups were so awful??? Then one day, after several hours of warm-up surges, I realized how I was responding to them... I was anxious, I was tense; I timed them, gripped whatever surface was available through them, held my breath and waited for them to be over. I realized then that subconsciously, I thought it had to hurt for it to really be true labor (ie. real opening surges / real labor). After that, I resolved to welcome & relax through my warm-up surges and ignore them. For three solid weeks I had warm ups almost daily. Always for a few hours, always 5-10 minutes apart. I learned to appreciate them and reminded myself during them that my uterus was exercising and that the warm up surges would make for a shorter labor. Using the relaxation breathing, they were no longer painful. The only sensation I felt was my abdomen tightening. 

The day I gave birth was really no different than the days before. It was the day before my EDD and I had given up on giving birth before my "due date".

I was a bit tired though as I just hadn't been able to sleep the night before (I should have recognized that pre-birth energy surge☺. I made an early dinner for my family & went upstairs for a nap. Unable to get comfortable (I have an old hip injury that sometimes aches with the weight of pregnancy), I filled up my birth tub and took a nap there. My husband and daughter came to chat with me for a few minutes then left again. I had been having more pre-labor warm up surges, but they were not painful, not regular, not strong and no closer than 5-10 minutes apart. As I had done for previous 3 weeks, I ignored them and slept deeply. After a few hours of sleep, I awoke to an intense surge that was ever so slightly painful. I realized that it really wasn't the surge that hurt... it was a very full bladder ( oops, I hadn't emptied it in hours because I had been sleeping so deeply). I climbed out of the tub and went to the bathroom. On my way back to the tub (5 or so steps away) my membranes released and my baby descended. I called for my husband who was downstairs. When he arrived upstairs (thank goodness, quickly) I informed him our baby was about to be born. "Okay" he said "I'll go call the midwife". I replied that he should hand me my doppler, get a towel, wash his hands and receive our baby! Talk about looking like a "deer in the headlights" LOL!!! A few short minutes later, our beautiful baby girl slid into my husband's waiting hands.

We were in absolute shock!!!! In less than 5 minutes, I had gone from a deep sleep to giving birth!!!! My surges had never gotten closer than 5-8 minutes apart and were never painful at all! Our sweet baby girl was perfect and I climbed in bed to nurse her while we waited for our midwife to arrive.

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