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What Will I Learn?

HypnoBirthing® is a complete childbirth education program. You will learn about the process of labor & birth and deep relaxation techniques that you can use to stay comfortable and relaxed during the birth of your baby. These same techniques are used to balance the Autonomic Nervous system and manage stress.... you will find you are able to use these techniques for the rest of your life! 

Fear, Tension, Pain, Syndrome

You'll learn how fear affects the birthing muscles causing labor and birth to be painful and how marvelously the body works in absence of this tension.  

The Mind / Body connection

You'll learn deep relaxation techniques and visualizations that will allow you to remain relaxed and comfortable during your labor. 

Breathing Techniques

You will learn three gentle breathing techniques to enhance your body's natural ability, supply your baby with oxygen and encourage a calm and peaceful birthing experience.


You'll learn how to prevent certain conditions and control concerns during your pregnancy using good nutrition to keep you and your baby healthy!

 How your body is designed to give birth easily

Childbirth is a normal, natural and healthy event. You will about the processes of labor & birth & how your body and your baby are designed to work perfectly together. You'll learn how the uterine muscles function, and how to work with them to optimize & shorten your labor.

Prenatal exercises to prepare your body

You'll learn prenatal exercises to prepare your body for labor, and reduce your chance of tearing & the need for episiotomy.

 Prenatal Parenting & Bonding

You'll learn how prenatal experiences can have a life-long affect on your unborn child and techniques to enhance prenatal bonding and allow a smooth transition for your baby after birth. 

Integral Role for Your Birthing Companion

Birth companions are prepared with special techniques to bond with the baby prenatally & support/nurture mother & baby during the labor & birth.

Birth without a Companion

Mothers & babies without a birthing companion are able to experience gentle, fulfilling hypnobirths just as easily as those with birthing companion. Your baby is your birthing companion.

Laboring and Birthing Positions

You'll learn positions that will enhance your relaxation during your labor and allow your baby to decend and birth easily & comfortably. 

Birth Preferences

You'll learn how to formulate a birth plan that works with your caregivers and allows you to have the birth you invision for you & your baby.

We will also discuss how to select the right caregiver for you, how to work with special circumstances, bonding with your newborn, breastfeeding, and much more!

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