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Andrea said on Mar 28, 2016 4:17 PM

I've been meaning to post for months and months. I delivered my first baby at the birthing place in June 2015. Janna and staff were wonderful throughout the prenatal care process. They answered all of our new-parent questions and were very supportive. The labor and delivery were long and painful (lots of back labor!). My daughter had her arm up so her descent was very slow. There isn't a doubt in my mind that she would've been a c-section had I been at a hospital. I am so, so glad that I was in the hands of Janna and staff instead. They were patient and helped make me as comfortable as possible. Janna knows her stuff and knows exactly what kinds of natural, safe intervention to use and when. With the help and support of her and her staff, my husband and I were able to see our hope of a natural birth experience realized. Postpartum care was incredible--we felt so cared-for and prepared as we adjusted to life as three. I would definitely deliver my next baby at the birth centre!

Mary Syrrist said on Mar 4, 2016 8:41 AM

This message is loooong overdue, but better late than never! We were so fortunate to have the loving, knowledgeable, fearless, and honest care that Janna and her gentle team of midwives provided to us before, during, and after the birth of our little gem last August 2015! I cannot recommend these women too highly, especially Janna. This center is run by the heart and soul of Love, and by a genuine concern for the well being of pregnant mothers, their babies, and their families. Janna does everything in her power to help you have the birth experience you hope for, while ensuring that safety and backup plans are foremost. She is incredibly knowledgeable and is fantastic at educating the expectant family on ANY concerns they may encounter. If she doesn't have the answer, she'll find out who does and direct you to them! I trusted this team with my life and that of my baby and it was with good reason. IF I have another baby, I'll definitely deliver here again! Thank you Janna and all the loving ladies on the team!

Tiffany said on Feb 24, 2016 9:39 PM

Truly an amazing experience. Janna and all of the lovely ladies at the birth center made my pregnancy and labor a wonderful peaceful thing. They are always just a phone call away, are completely understanding and caring. I wouldn't of asked for anything more from them, feeling they went above and beyond to make it the best possible delivery! If we have another little one there's no question of where we will be going :) Highly Recommend!

Jessica Peters said on Jan 12, 2016 7:01 AM

I came to the Birthing Center with the idea of having a VBAC, but unsure what to expect. My first pregnancy/delivery wasn't a birthing plan I wanted to repeat, and I wanted a different experience the 2nd time around. Once verifying that I was a low risk pregnancy I was able to choose the Birthing Center. The moment that I met Janna and the girls I knew this was where I wanted to deliver my son. I just loved them all! They are caring, attentive, experienced, and I was able to place complete confidence in them. After my natural delivery of my son I had a little too much bleeding, Janna and the girls stepped in and within just a few moments had everything under control. They know what they're doing, and are able to take care of things without scaring the new Mom and Dad. My situation wasn't really an emergency, but was urgent. They have the knowledge to know the difference, and gave my family peace of mind that whatever decision is made is in our best interest. If a delivery were to be considered an emergency, they have the necessary equipment ready at all times and plans in place for a quick transport to UVA, should it be required. I also loved that they provide information on breastfeeding, nutrition, different types of births, exercise, offer a birthing class, and even have books available to borrow on a variety of these topics. I cannot say enough good things about Janna and my delivery here. It is because of her that my delivery is a happy memory, and for that I am forever grateful. My only regret is that I won't be seeing them as often. I highly recommend anyone who wants a natural birth to come tour the Birting Place and meet the staff. You will fall in love with them too. :)

Heather and Dara said on Oct 14, 2015 3:20 AM

We could not have asked for a more beautiful experience! When we found out I was expecting, there was no question about where I was bringing this little one into the world. Janna and the staff were all so magnificent! The whole family (even our two year old) looked forward to each visit. Everyone was so welcoming and supportive. I always felt that I was being heard and that I was fully informed about all of my options regarding my care (and baby's!) and the labor I wanted. My fiance was glad that he could be so involved at each stage and loved that he was able to play such a big part and be heard as well. He felt more at ease knowing that he was also fully informed. The birth suite was so cozy and comfortable. I can honestly say that, even in a time that can seem so chaotic, I have never been more relaxed. They allowed me to labor on my own and were there at a moment's notice when I needed something. When things started to get tough (transition), the whole staff was there and at the ready, but not overbearing. Everyone was so calm and very reassuring. The experience we had at The Birthing Place was the experience that ever mother-to-be(and father-to-be) deserves.

Sarah said on Apr 17, 2015 5:39 PM

We feel so incredibly blessed to have four und Janna and her team at this beautiful place for the birth of our second child. It is such an oasis in the midst of my whirlwind life with a toddler under tow to come here and be welcomed as a part of a family and that my toddler was always given priority in my care as well! You don't find that in your typical OB office! We loved every aspect of our prenatal care. My husband said he gained so much confidence in Janna and that he could sense she takes ownership in the care she provides - she really knows what she is doing and take great care in guarding over mommy and baby's wellbeing. We always felt we were in the best of hands. She was always available and went out of her way to help us through many hurdles along the way including meeting us late evening on a Saturday night to wrap my belly to keep my baby head down following his being transverse. Our birth experience was a wild ride as it was a fast labor that threatened complications, but Janna was so knowledgable and capable and we successfully delivered a healthy baby and I believe the outcome was such because of Jannas quick skill and intuition. The time following the birth was also full of tenderness and love. The way they cared for me and helped our son transition to breathing well was so calm and efficient! Even his "newborn exam" was beautiful. My doula friend who came to take pictures said it was like watching a dance as Esther tenderly examined and measured our son. Such a contrast to how it was done at the hospital with our daughter. The care is stellar! Post Partum care has been far above and beyond as well. I really hope we are still within proximity to birth our next baby (whenever that time might come) with Janna and her team. I am saddened to think about not getting to spend time at the birth center with them every week now! Five stars! Would recommend to anyone hands down!!

Jay DeMaio said on Apr 10, 2015 3:14 PM

Having our first child at the beautiful, tranquil, Birthing Center with Janna, Viktoria, Ester and Adrian was the best decision that my wife and I have ever made in our life. Janna's knowledge and technical skills in the field of midwifery seem to be the perfect balance of ancient wisdom passed down from generations of midwives, (which I believe is very difficult to teach in a university or hospital setting), combined with all the modern technologies such as medical imaging (which is always optional). We never felt "forced" into any decisions but rather "wisely guided" based on our situation in the present. The ambience of the Birthing Center is one of complete serenity which enabled us to let go and surrender into a successful natural birth. During my wife's gestation, we unfortunately experienced a string of fairly traumatic events including two deaths of close family members and my (Jay DeMaio) diagnosis of cancer. Despite these circumstances, not only did Janna and the staff attend to my wife Denise's physical needs but they also went well above and beyond what we expected of them to keep us positive and support us on so many emotional levels. I believe that without this kind of universal support of body and spirit, my wife's pregnancy would have easily turned out to be a C-section in a hospital setting. We had everything going against us and Janna had a positive response for all of it. It all led to the amazing, natural birth of our beautiful and very hairy daughter Kiara :). We shared tears with Janna and her staff along this profound journey and we feel so extremely grateful for the love and compassion everyone showed and expressed to us. If we are blessed with a second child, we will definitely be revisiting our "birth family" and the Birthing Center. Our baby Kiara is now 8 weeks old and my cancer treatments are going well so far. God bless!!

Ariana said on Jan 24, 2015 10:56 PM

I cannot thank Janna, Esther, and Victoria enough for their care before, during, and after the birth of my first child. I really wanted a natural birth and they helped make it happen. Had I been in a hospital, I would have been induced and my birth story would have been very different; as it likely would have ended with a cesarean. Instead I had an excellent team of supportive women to help me through labor as it started, stalled, and then finally got going intensely and quickly. When my daughter was born my husband got to catch her. Janna's experience and skill came to the fore throughout and I knew I was safe in her care. I am so grateful for the experience I had, and I am eager to have another baby with Janna and the rest of the team at the Birthing Place. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a safe and natural labor.

Kim said on Jan 13, 2015 7:30 AM

I chose The Birthing Place as the place to have my second child, and it was the best choice I made. Janna and her team are simply amazing. Janna in particular is someone who has a holistic approach to pregnancy and birth, but has the scientific know-how as well. Sometimes it can be rare to find that in a midwife. I felt so supported throughout my pregnancy and birth. While the birth was harder than my previous one, it was nonetheless such a better experience thanks to the support I got. At times, I felt I couldn't do it but Janna and Victoria encouraged me, and I did it. My son and I went home within 2 hours. The post-partum care was great. I could call anytime with any question. I truly cannot recommend them highly enough.

Courtney F said on Dec 30, 2014 4:20 AM

One of the best choices I've ever made! AMAZING experience! I've helped deliver babies in hospitals and I knew I wanted my birth to be as holistically natural as possible. I am so happy I practiced hypnobirthing and have so much respect and love for all the girls at the Birthing Place.

Ryan and Keturah said on Dec 25, 2014 9:01 PM

We delivered our first baby with the Birthing Place in Sept. and want to give Janna and her team a very high recommendation!!!!!! They were very caring and knowledgeable through the whole process. Janna does great in handling any situation that comes along and keeping you reassured no matter what. We were very impressed and would recommend them to anybody!!!!

Monica and Dustin said on Dec 20, 2014 5:25 AM

Let me start by saying the ladies at the Birthing Place are absolutely AMAZING! They are kind, down to earth - all around lovely people and I couldn't of hand picked a better group of women to help me though my birthing experience. The birth of my son lasted 24.5 hours - I know right - fewwf! But it was worth every minute and these ladies never left my side. This being my first child, I didn't know what to expect but with every visit I felt more prepared. Janna, Ester, and Victoria are knowledgeable and full of experience. They urge you to ask questions and make you feel comfortable. The facility is clean and relaxing. When we are ready for our second child we most certainly will be back to see Janna and her staff. Words can not explain how thankful I am to these ladies - I will never forget this experience. If you are thinking about the Birthing Place and have questions that I could answer about my experience there feel free to send me an email at

K.E. said on Oct 11, 2014 9:03 PM

I delivered a beautiful baby boy in August 2014 under the supervision of Janna and her team of assistants. My experience here was exactly what I was looking for; low intervention without connections to wires, tubes, or monitors. I had many other less invasive options to help manage my contractions such as aromatherapy, massage, a jacuzzi tub, physio ball, my own music playlist and most importantly my Hypnobirthing training. It was so nice to be home the evening of my birth with my baby. I certainly never felt rushed to leave and received excellent attention as I was prepared to go home with my new baby. Janna came to my home the next day to check on myself and the baby. She was very readily available by phone or text throughout my prenatal and postpartum care. The facility itself is outstanding; very clean and gives you a home-like feel. The staff is prepared for emergency situations with the necessary equipment kept close by and convenient back entrances should emergency services need to be involved. My prenatal and postpartum care was excellent and easy to schedule. They offer evening appointments, allowing my husband to attend without missing work. The appointments themselves were very thorough and focused on important, but less often discussed in a traditional obstetrics practice, such as nutrition, sleep, exercise, and breastfeeding. Overall, I would highly recommend The Birthing Centre to anyone fitting the criteria of a low risk pregnancy looking for a caring, well-trained team of midwives and staff to provide a low intervention birth for you and your baby.

amber saunders said on Oct 7, 2014 10:38 PM

Just welcomed our fourth child with Jana, can not rave enough about what a great experience we had !!! Great staff makes for such a easy experience that we will never forget !!!! :D

Michael Walter said on Aug 31, 2014 9:00 AM

We had our first with Janna and loved the experience, so when my wife found out she was pregnant again after moving 4.5 hours away, we knew what we were going to do...make a 4.5 hour commute. I am a registered nurse and have worked at UVA and my sister gave birth with a midwife at Martha Jefferson and I will tell you Janna gives UNSURPASSED care. Not just the touchy feely stuff, but the technical need to know details about every possible contingency stuff too. When you make your decision about who will take care of you or your wife and baby ask yourself if you want to go to a place that views babies as a business and you have no clue who will take care of you. Will it be the attending? The resident? The nurse? Will the new resident be asking the new grad nurse what to do? Or Janna who has delivered 100's and 100's and 100's of babies and will be the one who does all your appointments and has a c section rate under 2% (compare that to the national average...Google it)? Deciding to go back with Janna, despite the distance, was an easier decision then naming the baby. She is an artist.

Ali said on Jul 4, 2014 2:35 AM

Janna was born to be a midwife, it is clear. She not only cares for you physically, but emotionally as well. She and Kim were always available and approachable, encouraging and loving. Going into this birth (my third) I was dealing with a lot of anxiety left over from previous traumatic birth experiences. Janna took the time to help me heal from the inside out, and she gave me confidence again in my abilities as a woman and mother. It was such a comfort to be under her care. Her entire team was amazing. Her assistant Esther was absolutely phenomenal during my labor... I've never had such a gentle assistant at a birth, knowing exactly what I needed before I even had a chance to ask. The Birthing Place is peaceful and professional, and I have nothing but good to say about my experience with everyone there. I am SO thankful for each of them and the role they played in my birth story.

Nikki said on Jun 28, 2014 8:42 AM

I just had my third baby at the Birthing Place and it was one of the most amazing experiences ever. I lost my partner in a car crash right before Christmas and when I found out I was expecting I truly felt overwhelmed, thankful, stressed and anxiety all at once. I called to make an appointment and when I did Janna's voice alone over the phone was like hope itself. She told me that she wanted to see me as soon as possible and showed the most touching support ever about my recent loss and embraced me at the door like she'd known me for ages. After the tour of the center my mother and I knew this was the perfect place, without a doubt to have my baby. The personal care I was given went deeper than just prenatal. My midwife actually wanted to know how I was doing as "mom" as well as how my baby was. Once I came up with a name She even spoke to my belly calling my little one by name and formed a bond between the three of us. Janna never pushed me to do something I didn't want to do, she never rushed me, she never told me things in a negative manner. She told me the pros and cons of things with a positive attitude, reminding me there was always a solution. Janna was approachable and gave her all to me and my pregnancy at any time or any place. I thought being a mother of two already would leave me feeling more confident and less fearful but with losing baby's father I was doubting myself a lot. Janna restored my confidence and brought me back to the mindset of trusting your body and listening to it. Even if that meant a late night call or two. When the day came for me to deliver the Birthing Place happened to have TWO OTHER MOTHERS in labor as well!!! Janna actually managed to be there for me at every turn, keep a calm and relaxed nature and offered me unending support! I seriously don't know how she balanced herself with such grace! Her team was also INCREDIBLE! I always need my mother with me during my births and everyone there treated her as part of the team. They explained things to us as we went and were 100% tolerant and understanding about our diverse religious and spiritual beliefs during labor. It was an over the top fantastic birthing experience! When it was over all the women treated me with love and special care. They cried and rejoiced with me! The team gave me quiet bonding time with my new baby for as long as I needed and even kept him close to me during his exam. When it was time to go they did everything for us! Including helping us pack up. It was no different than having a home birth. The atmosphere of the rooms are full of serenity and welcoming to you. Now with my new baby boy here and healthy, Janna continues to show love and personalized care to us. Janna was born to be a midwife and all of Charlottesville is tremendously blessed to have her. I am so beyond greatfull for this AMAZING and heartfelt woman.

Shelley said on Apr 21, 2014 2:33 AM

We are very lucky to have the Birthing Place here in Charlottesville. I knew I didn't want to give birth in a hospital and yet I didn't particularly want a home birth; the Birthing Place was perfect for me. Janna, Kim and all the assistants were wonderful and so knowledgeable and helpful. Over the course of the very thorough prenatal care, I was able to build a very trusting and intimate relationship with my midwife, Janna. This was my first birth and it went as smooth and surprisingly fast as I could have hoped for. I believe this is because I had total confidence in Janna, and she of course prompted me to have the requisite confidence in myself. She knew exactly what to say and what to do to encourage me along. Also the rooms are perfectly relaxing and very comfortable and had just what I needed to help me through the most intense moments of labor and delivery. The birth was truly the most special and incredible experience, way beyond what these words can describe. It was especially great to have my baby handed right over after delivery and to have a big bed to lay in with my husband and new little baby. And as soon as we were all ready, to be able to go home.

Abby said on Apr 9, 2014 6:44 PM

I LOVED giving birth at The Birthing Place. It is a beautiful, peaceful and comfortable place to give birth! At the birthing place I wasn't a stranger or a statistic. I was a person. Janna, Adrienne, and Ester (I never had Kim) took the time to get to know me. I (and my children already born) always felt beautiful and cared for when I went. As for my births themselves-they were incredible. I have wonderful memories: Laughing our heads off as I labored. Having water poured on my belly and feeling warm and taken care of in the middle of hard labor. Being encouraged and strengthened with kind words. I always knew that the people assisting me were absolutely confident that I could give birth! That is a wonderful feeling when you have to push out a human. =) Best of all, as my babies came into this world they came from my womb straight to my arms. They weren't rushed away, but they were surrounded with love. We got time to snuggle, nurse and love them. And, we were able to go home soon after giving birth. I was able to give birth the way I wanted. I could change position. I could make noise. I could be in the tub, standing and rocking, on the birthing ball or the birthing stool. And everything wasn't perfect with my births. With my second baby I hemorrhaged after giving birth. Janna was completely calm and in control. Even though the situation was scary I wasn't worried. Janna just took care of the situation and got the hemorrhaged stopped. When it comes down to it I totally recommend The Birthing Place. It is a wonderful, safe and a full of love place to give birth!

Mandy said on Apr 2, 2014 7:25 AM

We initially chose the Birthing Place to have our 3rd child because a friend recommended it and because of the considerably cheaper price compared to a hospital, but it ended up being such an overall awesome decision for us. My first two boys were born in the hospital and both went very good, but this was by far the BEST birth experience I've had. The prenatal care was so much more personal and I felt much more involved and informed in making decisions for my care and our baby. When it was time for our baby to come my water had broke but I didn't start into labor on my own and instead of having to be induced Janna was able to get me started naturally and gently which was so awesome. My husband said that of the 3 births we've had this was definitely the most fun. He was able to be much more involved and Janna got him to even help catch our little baby. I loved the atmosphere with dim lights, candles, and music instead of everyone flying around and the doctor rushing in and all the big lights being blasted at you. So thank you Janna, Kim, and Esther(just a side note: I really like this girl, she's so sweet and awesome:) so much for your time and care for me, our new baby, and really our whole family.

Natalie said on Mar 22, 2014 8:18 PM

What a blessing the Birthing Place was to our family! This amazing group of women, Janna, Kim, Esther and Adrienne, give of their time, talent and hearts caring for women during such a special time in their lives. Not only do they master the emotional and gentle side of midwifery, but they also have established a team who is diligent on the logistical and technical side as well. I felt both cared for and safe delivering with the Birthing Place team. They are a wealth of knowledge! I would also like to note that they were involved and open to allowing our older children to be a part of the prenatal experience. What a great learning experience it was for them! This was our 4th baby ( 2nd home birth). Our sweet baby girl was beautifully delivered at home with Janna and Esther at our side. Janna chatted and encouraged, while Esther attended to me with such tenderness. They both seemed to know exactly what I needed at every moment. My birth was exactly as I had hoped it would be. My husband and I got to welcome in our children to meet their baby sister minutes after the birth. It was a special moment shared that will always remain with me. So thank you, Janna and Kim. You both went out of your way numerous times for us. I highly recommend The Birthing Place and wish all the expectant mothers a beautiful natural birth.

Kate said on Feb 20, 2014 2:00 AM

Our experience at The Birthing Place was wonderful! I have a unique perspective to offer because I had my first baby at a hospital and my prenatal care through an OBGYN. This time, I wanted something different. I heard about midwives and birth centers and being naturally curious, I wanted to know if this was something that was for me. So, I did a little research and decided that I wanted to give birth outside of a hospital. After talking to my husband and finding out that he too was on board with this, we decided to set up a day to meet with the ladies at The Birthing Place. When we came for our tour, we were both very impressed. The environment is so beautiful, comfortable and home-like. I knew that this was for us. The prenatal care was above and beyond. We were never rushed and we were free to ask questions. We were always given thoughtful and insightful answers. Janna, Kim, and their staff are very knowledgeable and considerate. I was treated as an individual and with respect, free to make my own informed choices about my care. The birth experience was AMAZING! My baby was not whisked away for “testing” or to be “cleaned up.” I picked her up and held her on me as soon as she was born. Postpartum support was excellent. We received top notch care at a very fair price. These ladies are caring, knowledgeable, and just fabulous. If we have another child, we will most definitely return to The Birthing Place. I would like to offer my e-mail address,, for anyone who would like to ask questions. I would be glad to answer them because I just cannot give these ladies enough credit through this short review. It was a truly wonderful experience.

Jessica said on Oct 11, 2013 7:13 PM

I am so glad that we chose The Birthing Place for our daughter's birth in February! We lived in Charlottesville only for 6 months before and three months after our daughter's birth. I am very grateful that we found The Birthing Place while we were there. The Birthing Place has the perfect balance of respect for the natural birth process supported by the benefits of modern medical knowledge and research, without unnecessary interventions. I believe that there was a very high likelihood that I would have been "strongly encouraged" to have an unnecessary C-Section if I had been at a hospital, due to my long labor and my baby's stubbornness in her position (which was corrected naturally with patience and physical therapy techniques). Instead, the natural birth process was allowed to happen and supported by knowledgeable, natural intervention. It was long and tiring for both my baby and me, and yes there was certainly pain. But we were never drugged or separated or cut open! My daughter was able to experience the world for the first time and latch on for feeding without being drugged, which was very important to me and beautiful to experience. The atmosphere at The Birthing Place was warm and comforting during all of our prenatal and postnatal visits, as well as during the actual birth. I am extremely grateful to have had Janna, Adrienne, Esther, and Ashely helping me, my daughter, and my husband through our birth, and Kim was also wonderful during prenatal visits. I was a little nervous when first investigating birth options outside of the hospital, and my husband was initially wary as well. However, throughout my experience, Janna's honesty, expertise, and experience shone brightly. It was clear that she and her team were able to provide all the interventions and wisdom we needed for our healthy pregnancy and birth. Janna and her team always took the time to explain all options and offered their professional opinion while leaving the final decisions up to us. We had to pay out of pocket because our insurance was pretty rigid, but it was worth every single penny and I would do it again in a heartbeat, no doubt about it. I feel very lucky to have lived in Charlottesville at this time in my life so that I could give birth here. I cannot overemphasize how highly I recommend The Birthing Place for anyone considering natural birth! Thank you so very much for your work!

Adrienne Galbraith said on Oct 9, 2013 10:25 PM

When we became pregnant rather unexpectedly (there was a power outage for, like, 18 hours last October, what else were we supposed to do without Netflix?) my husband and I were excited but totally terrified at the prospect of becoming parents. After exhaustive research of prenatal care and birthing options we were rather unsure about natural childbirth and the midwifery model of care (and I wasn't in love with the idea of foregoing pharmaceutical pain management as a being the size of a large butternut squash attempts to traverse my lady bits), but with a hospital birth being wholly unappealing to us it was the best option. We found the Birthing Place when I was about 10 weeks along and decided to give them a try. Entrusting our care and birth to Janna and her team has the best decision we have made as parents thus far. The prenatal care is unparalleled- our appointments at the center were always at least 30 minutes in length, never rushed, thorough and brilliantly reassuring; we always left smiling. Janna and Adrienne really took the time to get to know both of us, they gave us fantastic resources of all kinds to draw on (Spiritual Midwifery!), and Janna (being the epitome of awesome) took the time and energy every visit to explain a myriad of procedures and processes to my very curious med student husband. Answers to every question were only a phone call or text away, day or night- having Janna on call was amazing and kept me from going completely bonkers as my body changed and baby grew. Adrienne's Hypnobirthing classes were essential too! Adrienne has the sweetest, most calming yet vibrant energy about her, and she not only takes you and your partner through all the Hypnobirthing and mediation techniques, but walks you through the birthing process (and potential complications) in detail, answering any and every question you may have along the way. While my pregnancy was fairly easy and uneventful, the birth of our daughter was not. It was long, it was rough, and it was a wee bit complicated but our birthing suite was so well appointed, everything I learned and discovered in Hypnobirthing classes helped me maintain my focus and sanity (thank you, Adrienne!!!), these wonderful women went above and beyond to provide both physical and emotional comfort measures for us. I have to single out Janna here- she was phenomenal. Were we in any other place or with any other healthcare professional- midwife or doctor- I would have been marked as failure to progress and wheeled into an OR; she is the only reason we had a birth instead of a surgery. Janna recognized complications early on and began implementing interventions early on so I didn't suffer, she communicated every move she made to me and my husband as she made it, she was preternaturally empathetic (she even had me smiling between pushes), she WORKED to help my daughter into the world, handled some significant post-partum bleeding with aplomb, got our little girl breastfeeding right away, got me bathed, and then at about 4am proceeded to make a full breakfast for everyone. Yeah, she's unreal. Our experience with the Birthing Place was better than I could have imagined- the care is excellent and truly caring, Janna and the women on her team are absolutely amazing, and we wouldn't want to bring another baby into the world any other way.

Steve said on Sep 6, 2013 8:45 PM

My wife and I became interested in a more natural birth experience after we talked with friends and did some research into what that really meant. Since it was our first child, I was very interested in making a great decision with my wife about her care. As an attorney and a dentist, we are not "crunchy" and our decision was based on talking to trusted friends as well as reading as much as possible before making an educated decision. We decided to go with the Birthing Place and could not be any happier with the experience from Janna and the whole team, they feel like family now. From prenatal appointments all the way out to the post appointments, the team has been caring, honest, and professional. The facility is spa-like and did not disappoint on the big day. If anything, Janna and the team really under-sell how great they are. When it is game time, they shine. Many things people tell you that you need to take with you to the birth, they provide. We are moving to Fairfax but are planning on driving back down to Charlottesville for our next birth, can't imagine doing it again without them.

Lisa said on Sep 6, 2013 8:43 PM

I had recently moved to the area when finding out the good news of expecting number 3. I LOVE Janna, Kim, their employees and staff. I've been greeted every visit with extreme professionalism and have developed a great relationship with them. They are available 24/7 for really anything. I love their website where I can ask non-emergency questions between visits (easier for me when juggling two other children) and I've always had a response within a few hours and usually a call a few days later to ensure I'm doing ok. Even with number three, I had some mommy "panic" moments and Janna has always been there to reassure things were fine, scheduled additional appointments if necessary for that assurance even.

Jessica Bossi said on Jul 3, 2013 9:21 AM

I recently gave birth to my first son at The Birthing Place. Although my insurance covered prenatal care and a hospital birth, it was important to me, as a single mom, to have my son in a supportive, nurturing environment surrounded by women that I had formed a relationship with throughout my pregnancy. Kim and Janna, along with their team, made my dream come true. I received incredible care throughout the nine months leading up to my birth -- I always felt encouraged in my questions and concerns, and truly cared for and respected throughout my pregnancy. My birth experience followed suit. From my first contraction until I left with my amazing son, Kim, Ester, and Angeline were supportive, nurturing, and overall incredible in their support of me and the choices I made for my birth. I cannot imagine having my baby any other way, and although my job is taking me out of state, I will without a doubt seek out midwifery care for the birth of my next child. If you are considering using a birth center for your birthing experience, I cannot recommend Kim and Janna highly enough. It was an experience that I will never forget and one for which I will be eternally grateful!

Sashanna said on May 23, 2013 11:41 PM

My husband and I were thrilled to welcome our first baby into the world this March courtesy of Janna and Co. We were certain that we wanted a birth center birth due to the experiences of both of our mothers and I was super excited to find such an affordable and beautiful center so close to our home. The center itself is incredible. It is relaxing and peaceful. It is an invitation to calm birth, and set both myself and my husband at ease from our first visit. I looked forward to every prenatal visit and loved just chatting it up with Janna, Kim, Adrienne and the other attendants. All of them were always SO excited about my baby; it made my excitement even greater. My birth was an incredible experience, and it is a testimony to Janna and Adrienne's expertise that I say that. The one thing I was afraid of was a transfer, and that is exactly what happened. My little boy's heart rate started going down after I had been in labor about 24 hours and I had to be taken to UVA. Through it all Janna and Adrienne remained with me, and stayed calm and reassuring. Janna rode with me in the ambulance and both she, Adrienne and my husband were able to be with me in labor and delivery. All of them were always close by and there was always someone holding my hand, whether it was my husband or one of them, and someone saying encouraging words. I never felt alone and when I was afraid Janna encouraged me over and over that the baby and I would be ok and that we could do this. Janna continued to instruct me when we were at the hospital about things that I should ask for and things that I should refuse, which was very helpful b/c I was in no state to know what I or the baby wanted or needed by that point in my labor. It was comforting to have them present. I'm pretty sure that by myself in a hospital situation I would have been very afraid and confused, but as it was, I felt the same as I had at the center, just less comfortable b/c of all the hospital equipment. It is a testimony to the skill, expertise, and gentle spirits of the ladies of the Birthing Place that I can truly say that I had a great birth. They are my heroes! My husband and I are moving to St. Louis this summer, but I'm pretty serious when I say I would fly Janna out to deliver my next one. She is like family to me, and I would not want to have to do another birth without her. Thank you so much Janna, Adrienne and Kim! We love you more than we can say. Caleb, Sashanna and Jack Martin

Megan said on Apr 3, 2013 7:51 PM

I recently had the joy of delivering our newest little one at The Birthing Place and it was everything we hoped it would be! This is our 4th baby, but first non hospital birth. While my husband was unsure of my suggestion of a birthing center he was quickly won over by Janna, and totally amazed by our birthing experience there! Even he is a total convert and says he wishes we had this option for our other 3 (I fully agree!). My older kids are disappointed our appointments there are over now. I cannot say enough wonderful things about all the ladies at The Birthing Place. Thank you so much for all you do!

Ashley Ryan said on Feb 18, 2013 9:28 PM

I searched for and found Janna after a horrible experience with my first child. We did what most new parents do and trusted a medical model of care. I was urged to induce labor just two days after my due date because my doctor at the time told me my baby wouldn't get "healthier" but only "bigger". My baby and my body weren't ready and we spent an extremely emotional week in the hospital as a result. I wanted something drastically different for my second baby. I wanted a peaceful experience that was natural and stress-free. From the first time I spoke with Janna I knew we had made the right decision. The detailed level of care we received was so much better than any doctor would ever provide. The team took as much time with me as I needed or wanted. I honestly feel like I have sisters as a result. They developed a relationship with me and my family and I never felt like just a number. My baby girl came into the world perfectly healthy and happy. It was the most beautiful experience I could ever have asked for. Thank you all so much for everything!!!!

Elise said on Jan 28, 2013 7:30 PM

The birth of our second child at the Birthing Place was one of the most beautiful and fulfilling experiences of our lives. From our first contact with Janna, to our daughter's amazing, gentle birth with Kim and Adrienne, my husband and I were consistently met with highly personal and professional care. The contrast with our son's prenatal care and birth in a hospital setting was night and day. At the Birthing Place, pregnancy and birth are clearly viewed through the lens of life, rather than that of liability. We are so grateful to the midwives and doulas of the Birthing Place for your wonderful commitment to natural birth and your dedication to the growing families that you serve. Thank you so much for everything!

Viktoria said on Jan 16, 2013 7:25 AM

Bringing our second child into the world was an incredibly beautiful experience thanks to Janna, Kim, Adrienne and Ashley and the care and love we received from them as a family during my pregnancy and birth. We loved our prenatal appointments: the midwives took a lot of time for us, our concerns and expectations, and we never felt rushed or not listened to. I always knew that they understood what I wanted my prenatal care to be like and did their best to accommodate our wishes, at the same time making sure that our son and I were healthy. When the time came for our baby to be born, I could not imagine a better place to be. My labor was already pretty advanced when we arrived at the center, and Janna and her team instantly recognized what I needed at that moment and never left my side until our son was born. The encouragement and love I received from them during those hours will always stay with me as an example of what birth should be like: a safe and peaceful event, supported by people with medical expertise as well as genuine care and compassion. Thank you so much, Janna, Kim, Adrienne and Ashley! Viktoria, Mladen, August and Adam

Nathan H. said on Oct 30, 2012 10:27 PM

My wife delivered our first child at the Birthing Place. Our initial decision to consider them was for economic reasons; however, we were quickly won over by the friendly atmosphere and Janna’s meticulous attention to detail. After a little independent research on our end about midwifery, and all of our safety concerns being met by Janna, we decided the Birthing Place was right for us. It became apparent very early on that their first priority was the health and wellbeing of mothers to be; this was reflected by a genuine relationship. During our visits, they did not need to consult a chart to remember my wife or what her status had been earlier. Everything about their services was made to be as stress free as possible, from the strait forward billing process, to care being consistently provided by the same friendly people. By the time my wife went into labor, we were very familiar with Janna, Adrienne and Kim, and that made our birth very comfortable. We are very thankful for the hard work and dedication of the Birthing Center and could not imagine having another baby any other way.

Julia Webb said on Aug 9, 2012 2:34 AM

Janna, Adrienne and Peggy- THANK YOU so much for all you’ve done to help us welcome our daughter Joanie into the world!! The labor was challenging but with your help and encouragement I was able to get it done and couldn’t be happier. This being our first baby and coming from families where hospital births are the norm we were surprised by the research we did revealing the benefits of midwifery and out of hospital births. So, we were even more pleasantly surprised by getting the best of both worlds having natural birth with the safety and medical expertise of Janna and her team. My husband and I couldn’t have made a better decision switching our care to the Birthing Place half way through our pregnancy. We had the natural birth we had imagined thanks to the help from Janna, Adrienne and Peggy! -love from Julia, Alan and Joanie

Michelle Miles said on Jul 30, 2012 10:06 PM

What an absolutely amazing experience. We adopted our first little blessing and was then blessed again with two biological children. Our first birth experience was in a hospital. Although there were no complications, it wasn't the natural birth experience I had so wanted to have. We chose The Birthing Place for our second birth and are still in a state of euphoria!!!! It was an absolutely beautiful experience! One that I will never forget. Janna and Adrienne are just phenomenal! Their warm spirits and calming voices are such a blessing during labor. I was finally able to have the natural birth I always dreamed about having. I pray that more women will be able to experience a peaceful and beautiful birth at The Birthing Place! You baby and your body will thank you for it!!!

Maddie Kolenich said on Jul 18, 2012 6:26 AM

I came to The Birthing Place expecting to have a great experience and it far exceeded my expectations! Janna and Adrienne are wonderful! I looked forward to all of my visits with them. Any question or concern I had was met with respect. She always made herself available if I needed her. Janna had a list of easy, natural solutions for all of my pregnancy symptoms. My birth was very quick and easy and Janna was great at helping me remain calm. My last postpartum visit was today, but I will definitely be back for my next baby!

William said on Jul 17, 2012 6:36 AM

As a first time dad, finding the best care for your wife and soon to be little one can be an overwhelming task. I must confess that the first time I went to an appointment with my wife, I was a little unsure about how this would all play out. However I would not trade this experience for anything. Janna and her crew delivered (no pun intended) care far beyond my expectations. Making us feel like we were not just clients, but family. As my wife's pregnancy progressed, any questions I had, Janna was just a phone call away. Not only the service at the center, but the outside resources she made available were such a help. We just had our last postnatal visit a few weeks ago, and it was bittersweet. It was hard to say goodbye after they helped us on such an amazing journey in our lives. From the bottom of my heart thank you. Janna, Adrienne and Peggy you did such an amazing job, words cannot fully express the gratitude I have. For any potential first time dads reading this, do not worry you are in excellent hands. Thank You! William, Bonnie and Abigail

Helen said on Jul 10, 2012 10:40 PM

Thanks to the team at the Birthing Place, my pregnancy, the birth of my daughter, and all of my postpartum care has been amazing, far exceeding all of my very high expectations. Janna and Adrienne took excellent care of me from day one. We are so pleased that we decided early on to switch from OB/GYN care to a midwifery model. Janna embodies everything good about midwifery - loving, supportive, woman-based empowerment. My husband and I always felt listened to at the Birthing Place, and we always knew we could count on Janna and Adrienne to answer all of our questions. During labor and delivery, they continued to remain calm, cool, and collected, providing unwavering support and encouragement. There were moments I thought I couldn't make it through the pain, but Janna reminded me of my own power and capability. The birth of our daughter Annella was perfect - she was aware and happy. I can't imagine her entry into the world going any better. Peggy joined the crew and also took excellent care of all of us. The women at the Birthing Place create a beautiful, caring environment, and their presence is infinitely comforting at times when you need it most. I have never felt so vulnerable or so empowered, and Janna and her team treated me with utmost dignity and respect the whole time. I'm so proud that I was able to deliver my daughter naturally, giving her the best start possible. I have Janna to thank for that! My girlfriends without kids gave me the ultimate compliment recently. I'd been updating them weekly from about 12 weeks through the birth. They said they are now seriously leaning towards midwifery care when they decide to have children! I know Janna, Adrienne, and Peggy will continue to bless families in this area with their magic touch! They are worth their weight in gold.

Sahar~Ua~Baby Bell said on Jul 5, 2012 3:57 AM

Giving birth has been a fantasy of mine since I was a little girl. I always wanted to be a mother, and I have been exploring birth options for as long as I can remember. Really only one option exists in my mind, to trust our own bodies as women and to trust in our babies to be able to give birth exactly as the birth is meant to unfold. Giving birth to my daughter will always be one of the most beautiful events of my life. Surrounded by strong, loving, nurturing and supportive women and my amazing husband and mother, my birth could not have been better. I felt beautiful, strong and fully capable despite having our daughter stay in a posterior position throughout labor. Janna gave Isabell, our daugther the most amazing gift anyone could give. She trusted in her, believed in her and she respected her mother. Everyone at the center knew exactly what to some points it felt as though we all turned into one sacred energy force working with Isabell guiding her out into the world. I was free to dance, sing moan, labor against the Earth, whatever felt right at the moment without need for embarassment or permission. When you give birth you are literally giving the person assisting your birth complete trust over your life and the life of your child. I felt completely confident that Janna was the person I could trust my and Isabell's life with. Anyone else would have sent me straight to UVA for an emergency cesarean after many many hours of labor and a baby who did not want to change posititon. I am forever grateful for your patience and your trust. I love you all. Thank you so much for being so strong for me throughout my difficult pregnancy. For making me feel beautiful, healthy and confident when I was so morning sick and unstable. Thank you for always treating Isabell like the amazing creature she is,for mothering me at every prenatal visit and for being my friend. Thank you for making me go to UVA when I was dehydrated from morning sickness and needed an IV and really didn't want to go, it was truly what was best for me and for my baby. Thank you for being patient with us financially, for offering much needed support to my husband. Thank you eternally for being our midwife and for having such an incredible team. Can't wait till round two.... <3 *~Love & Blessings to you all~*

Justin said on Jul 5, 2012 3:02 AM

Dear Janna, Adrienne, and Peggy, Thank you for helping Sandra and I have Baby Cedar. I was amazed and touched by the wisdom and compassion that all three of you gave us! Janna, thank you for guiding me in how to help Sandra through a difficult labor, for the skill, love and patience you showed us both. Adrienne, thank you for your acrobatics, helping baby Cedar get her head in the right place and for taking such good care of us, making sure we had everything we needed. Peggy, thank you for your bottomless supply of smiles and your steadfastness. Thank you all for staying so positively upbeat throughout 24 hours of labor. Thank you for your strength, your patience and most of all, for the love you gave the three of us. You all really got us through!!! With all my gratitude, Justin (dad to Cedar Wren)

Sandra said on Jul 5, 2012 2:51 AM

To the most awesome birthing team in the whole world: I can't think you enough for all you did in helpoing us bring baby Cedar into the world! Your knowledge and skills are truly spectacular but your patience, understanding and compassion are utterly amazing and inspiring! Thank you for providing the priceless gift of a loving, trust worthy environment in which we could welcome Cedar Wren to our lives! All my love, Sandra and Cedar Wren

Tatianna Benette said on Jun 30, 2012 11:26 PM

Janna has been with me for the births of all 3 of my babies and I consider her an essential part of birth! She is very in tune to the mothers needs and and goes above and beyond what midwife needs to know. Although my pregnancies were normal, I had several unusual problems arise and she took care of (or empowered me to do so) each beautifully. Her knowledge covers a wide and vast area that you don't find in a midwife every day. Janna has a gift for keeping the tone of birth stress free, and she knows just about every trick in the book to AVOID unnecessary interventions. She was so in tune to my needs with each baby, she adjusted her coaching style based on what I needed at the time without my ever having to tell her so. With my first, she was with me just about every step of the way from Friday evening until Sunday morning (that's devotion right there!!), which was exactly what I needed/wanted. With my next two, she took a step back while my husband was the one I clinged to...Until she was needed, of course (my 2nd and 3rd both needed to be resuscitated and I had hemorrhaging, all of which she handled like a pro). Don't let her bubbly/friendly/happy personality fool you, when it comes down to birth, she's mellow and calm as can be and when a problem arises she gets down to business! But definitely in a good way. Her birthing center is GORGEOUS, and she has gone the extra mile to ensure it is a comfortable and safe environment to birth in. She's worth EVERY PENNY!!

Sara R. said on Apr 30, 2012 7:18 PM

Thanks so much for supporting us in our homebirth in March! Although all situations cannot be controlled, careful planning goes a long way, and I was so happy that everything went as smoothly as we had planned and hoped! Prenatal appointments were so much more interesting and fun than with my previous OB experience, and I never feared that my wishes or preferences were not being respected. Postnatal care has also been way above and beyond what is offered in the mainstream medical model. Thanks again for your excellent care!

Nadia said on Apr 9, 2012 9:32 PM

Thank you again Janna and Adrienne for your support for a truly peaceful and joyous birth. My main desire was to avoid unnecessary medical interventions, but it was so much better than even that! You gave us space and time, but provided just the right amount of encouragement and advice to help labor progress and re-position baby. I felt loved and pampered throughout - what a treat! And the atmosphere was so conducive to connecting with Charles and my body. It was huge to have Charles an integral part of the process! And the tub was heaven. Adrienne - the hypnobirthing breathing saw me through 20+ hours of contractions with calm acceptance.Your soothing voice and light touch were an incredible boon. Even the last 2 intense hours were bearable - if not as calm!!!!! I hope people like you open more birthing centers - it is so important - not even comparable to hospital birth. Everyone should birth in this environment!

Marice Kalonji said on Jan 22, 2012 11:58 PM

Giving birth... I will do it all over again as long as it is at Mrs Janna's! What a wonderful place, what a wonderful team! Considering that if I had been in a hospital environment I would have likely been sent for a C-section as the baby was posterior. The execises you helped me do to help the baby turn were just out of this world and I walked out of there without an ugly scar on my tummy :). Keep it up Mrs Janna, you guys do births the way they ought to be! Although I was 11 days overdue and very worried, you made me feel so comfortable and at ease and you made the birthing experience one that I will never forget!!! Many thanks and may God bless you all!

Hailey Page said on Jan 11, 2012 10:35 PM

I was really young when I found Janna. I was sixteen and pregnant. Afraid to death, let me tell you! I had no idea what I was in for, but, I did not want to have my child in a hospital. I am a firm believer that hospitals are for sick people and that pregnancy and birth are not illnesses. Thus, I chose to have my child in the comfort of my own home with Janna's help. Janna let me call her 24/7. Whenever I needed her she was there, day or night!! She taught me everything I needed to know about pregnancy and birth and helped prepare me for having a baby and I cannot be more grateful. She was there for me any time I needed her! I had an AMAZING and incredible home-birth! Thank heavens for Janna and her ways. She taught me how beautiful natural birth can be. It is real, peaceful, calm, comfortable and just wonderful! Janna was by my side the whole time and she did an amazing job! I was in a 100% relaxed state of mind thanks to the hypnobirthing Janna taught me (and to her wonderful support techniques) and after an incredibly short labor (which I attribute to the hypnobirthing and all the wonderful techniques Janna uses during labor ) my daughter Sage was born. She was put straight into my arms and I've been madly in love with her ever since!!! Janna, you are wonderful and I am so thankful to have you in my life!!! Thanks to you, I was able to have the birthing experience of my dreams!!! So calm. So relaxed. So natural, just what you told me it could be! mindset: painless. – Truly! God bless you for all you do!!! Love, Hailey

Tina said on Dec 28, 2011 5:05 AM

Compassionate, Knowledgeable, Relaxed, Professional, Personable and Relatable. Janna and staff at The Birthing Place: you all are keepers! You help people create happy memories of birthing and the Birthing Place....the birthing experience is what it is meant to be. This experience was SO MUCH BETTER than my previous five deliveries using traditional medical care. I've already recommended you and will continue to do so. I'll miss prenatal appts that are actually fun and not clinical! Delivery was better and certainly more dramatic than I would have imagined. Janna....hats off to you and your expertise. are a great co-midwife....Doug and I have happy memories of the times of laughter in between contractions. I'm so glad that you brought this birthing center to Charlottesville and I am so sure that you will never lack for clients. We also want to thank your husband and children for the amazing sacrifice they give in releasing you to bring your gift of caring to the lives of others. THANK YOU! Love, Doug, Tina, Drew and the rest of the family.

Emily said on Dec 19, 2011 8:39 AM

Janna, thank you SO much for everything that you did for me. All the help and guidance you gave me made me feel like I could definitely have the labor and delivery that I wanted. We had to fight for it but we did it and if I didn't have your words of wisdom and encouragement I don't think it would have happened the way it did. I couldn't have asked for better care than the care that you gave me and Kian. My labor and delivery was exactly what I wanted and I couldn't have thought of anything to make it any better. Thank you thank you thank you!!! And I know who I'll be coming to again if/when we decide to have another baby ;-) And I will also be referring any friends interested in a natural birth, your way. Emily, Patrick, Nora & Kian

Scott Walter said on Nov 16, 2011 4:26 AM

Janna, I want to thank you for the holistic care you demonstrated through Elicia's pregnancy. The level of care you render is truly unsurpassed in today's healthcare climate. From the first meeting to sunday's delivery, we never once questioned your compassion or knowlege. As a hospital RN in the area, I can vouch for the fact that dealing with all the human emotions, while taking care of the birth process is more than just a challenge. I love how you took care of Elicia and maintained respect for her dignity during what she felt was a vulnerable state and reassured me as delivery progressed. Even as the birth progressed with some difficulty, you maintained a level of competence, professionalism and very importantly, calmness and patience. I would, without a doubt, suggest you to anyone...especially dad's. You not only took care of my wife, but also all of my quircky needs and questions. Thank you for what you did for my wife, my son, and me. We will never forget you.

Alicia Bronsberg said on Jun 6, 2011 6:49 AM

I am so glad to have found you. My husband and I are going to start trying to conceive in January and I so much want to use a midwife and a water birth experience. I am finishing up my LPN certification right now and am about to finish my rotation through OB. I have to say a hospital experience is not what I want, they rush you through labor, I want to be well taken care of and as long as baby and I are okay to be able to take my time. Thank you for having a great option in Charlottesville!

Rachel said on Mar 27, 2011 9:33 AM

I am *SO* excited to find you! I so much wanted a natural waterbirth experience with my daughter, born in June of last year. I didn't know of any way to achieve that in the Charlottesville area. There are hardly words for the way I feel right now! Hopefully my husband and I will be able to have the natural waterbirth experience with our second, now that we know about you! :)

Alexandra O'Brien RN said on Jan 31, 2011 8:41 AM

Hi, Welcome to C'Ville! For 3 years I was the RN/birth asst at the Birth Center of the Blue Ridge. It was a dream job. Since then, I have been home with my 3 children (birthed at home). I wish you all the best. peace, Alex

Sarah said on Sep 4, 2010 1:48 AM

Janna, if I had to describe our experience with a simple phrase, it would be "above and beyond". You truly met & exceeded all my expectations of what a midwife should be. After what I went through with my first pregnancy, I never dreamed I would look forward to prenatal visits or that midwifery care could be so different from what I had experienced. You were extremely knowledgeable but you lacked the cold "professionalism" I had experienced with my doctor's visits, making our appointments seem more like a visit from a friend than a formal prenatal. I will forever treasure the time you spent showing our daughter how to feel the baby's position & hear the heartbeat! Most of all, you believed in my ability to birth my baby when I was certain my body was broken. You held that space until I started to believe it myself. I couldn't have asked for a better care or a better birth and for that, you will always hold a special place in our hearts!

Kayte said on Aug 25, 2010 5:09 AM

I truly couldn't have asked for a more caring and calming person to have come into my life during my pregnancy. Janna, you were not only there to teach me, but you were such a wonderful friend. Any question, concern or complication that came my way- you eased my mind and held my hand through it all. Not only did you make my pregnancy easier- you taught me skills that gave me the best birth- resulting in my perfect child! I don't think that I can thank you enough for all that you have done for me. I know that I will be referring friends to you in the future! Thank you for everything, Kayte

Lisa Newhall said on Aug 5, 2010 9:04 AM

As we approach Jade's 1st birthday (August 26th) I am thinking of you and Emily and our birth experience. I still see your facek, your eyes, you "blowing out the candle" with me and am so thankful that we had you! Nothing went as planned but everything was perfect. We will be watching the birth video for the first time on her birthday and are so excited to see it from the other side. Best to you and I hope that you are there for my next birth - whenever it is! Love - Jonathan, Lisa, and Baby Jade p.s. I would still love if you could get our hypnobirth class together!!

Seth said on Jul 24, 2010 1:39 PM

Janna, I just wanted to take a second and thank you, for all your support and help with the birth of Keller, the little boy that wouldn't turn is amazing and growing fast, just over a month old and already so aware, I tried to find you guys on facebook and failed, email me or something. Everyone and Anyone looking Janna is great and amazing, I would highly recommend her for prenatal care and labor support, Thanks Janna YOU ROCK! &^) SAL

Paige said on Jul 20, 2010 1:45 AM

YES, "such a blessing to our family" is right! It meant so much to me to have your support throughout my stressful pregnancy, and of course at my labor and birth. I could not have imagined my second birth with anyone else. ;) You're amazing! Love, P, J, Z, and A.

Jill said on Apr 28, 2010 3:21 AM

Janna, you have been such a blessing to me and my family!!! words truly could not express what an angel you where to me throughout my pregnancy and while in labor as well. from the first moment we spoke on the phone, I knew you were everything I had been searching for in a midwife, and each time after we spoke, I would feel more and more confident about facing my fears of labor and birth, and believed more in myself because of your confidence in me and in the birth process. You truly are everything it means to be a midwife, and you where "with" me through all of it, and have a very special place in my heart forever!!!! I highly recommend you to any and every woman looking for the love, support, and encouragement we all need when giving birth. love you so very much, Jill

Deanna said on Apr 27, 2010 9:26 PM

Janna, so great to bump into you the other day! Love the website! After all these years, I still tell people how beautiful (and easy) our birth was and how I could not imagine it without you there! Love, Deanna.

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