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Breech Positions:

There are three types of breech presentation: complete, incomplete, and frank.

Complete breech is when both of the baby's knees are bent and his feet and bottom are closest to the birth canal.

Incomplete breech is when one of the baby's knees is bent and his foot and bottom are closest to the birth canal.

Frank breech is when the baby's legs are folded flat up against his head and his bottom is closest to the birth canal.

Natural Measures for turning:

Spinning Babies:Comprehensive website with lots of ideas & how to videos. 

Gentle Birth Archives hundreds of ideas for breech turning and birth.

Moxibustion for Breech study shows moxibustion 80% effective.

How to Videos: 

Breech Baby water flip

Stair inversion

Chiropractor discusses Webster Technique:

Moxia for breech:

External Version:

 ECV or external cephalic version is a proceedure that helpes the baby move in a somersault type motion through the mother's abdomen. Presently, ECV is recommended for women after 37 weeks of pregnancy and should be tried only after natural measures have failed to work and an ultrasound has ruled out obvious causes of breech positioning ( placenta previa, nuchal cord, etc). The proceedure is performed by moving the baby in a somersault type motion through the mother's abdomen.

The baby's bottom is moved up away from the pelvis (figure 1) and to one side (figure 2), then the head is gently encouraged to move down towards the pelvis (figure 3).

  ECV Video: how its performed

Choosing Natural Breech Birth:

Footling Breech birth:Beautiful breech birth story with full color photos.

Natural Vaginal Breech Birth: Article on delivering vaginal breech. Great photos.

Breech photo essay : photos of an actual vaginal breech birth

Beautiful Must-see Breech Birth Videos:

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