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"For every locked mind, there's a key to find" ~ Unknown

Statistically, one child in every 144 children in our country is autistic. The CDC, however, estimates that that actual number may now be closer to one in every 50! Autism doesn't just affect the vaccinated or those with bad diets and unhealthy lifestyles. Autism touches us all. Like the Canaries in the mine, autistic children are showing us that something is amiss with our lifestyles, with our environment and with our planet. If you have a child on the autistic spectrum or one with severe allergies/sensitivities,(or are interested in prenatal prevention) the following resources may be worth looking into. I will not tell you that any one of these resources can cure your child. I can tell you that they may hold pieces of the puzzle and that this is the path through which my own child has found healing. ~ Namaste

NEW!!! If your child has autism, allergies or gut issues I strongly recommend Jenny McCarthy & Dr. Jerry Kartzinel's new must read book "Healing & Preventing Autism, A Complete Guide". This book is the most comprehensive guide I've seen to effectively preventing & treating autism! Available now on

Dr. Robert Johnson Biologic dentist and natropath in Virginia specializing in safely removing mercury fillings without redistributing . 

Dr. Alan Vinitsky's Methylation Protocol have a hyperactive child? An autistic Child or an allergic child? Have a previous spectrum child and want to protect future pregnancies? This is the place to start.

MetalFree concerned about heavy metal toxicity? If you have a spectrum child or one with severe allergies, learning about heavy metal toxicity is a must! MetalFree is the chelation product recommended by Dr. Alan Vinitsky as it is gentle and doesn't redistribute the metals like many other forms of chelation can. PLEASE DO NOT CHELATE OR DETOX WHEN PREGNANT AS IT CAN GIVE YOUR BABY A HIGH TOXIC LOAD. 

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